In the heartland of bladesmithing, Solingen Knife 2024 proved to be a captivating showcase of craftsmanship and innovation. Among the 240 exhibitors, we were thrilled to connect with customers, partners, and fellow enthusiasts, presenting the legacy of our old company and the dawn of a new era with our latest brand name Alleima.

Since the 1920s, we've been synonymous with excellence in cold-rolled knife steel production in our steel mill in Sandviken, with our commitment to quality enduring through the ages. At Solingen Knife 2024, we discussed our diverse range of steel grades, each produced to meet our customers high standards of knife steel for their knife making.

As we mingled, the passion for fine blades was intense. Solingen Knife 2024 was all about celebrating knives, from handmade ones by international makers to high-quality ones from big companies. It showcased the art and skill behind making knives. We were excited to find many of our steel grades in our customers’ range of knives.

Among our portfolio of 10 premium knife steel grades, one of the spotlights were on our latest addition: Damax Damascus steel. This metallurgy blends tradition with innovation, offering unparalleled strength, durability, and beauty for sharp bladesmiths.

As we return from Solingen, we bring back not just memories of a successful event but a fresh sense dedication to our expertise in material knowledge and innovation for knife steel. Our legacy lives on, with the spirit of innovation that drives us forward into a new era of blade making.

To learn more about our premium knife steel grades and the latest addition of Damax Damascus steel, visit our website Knife steel in stainless chromium steel grades — Alleima Join us on this journey as we continue to push the boundaries of excellence in the world of blades.

Great atmosphere and crowd at Solingen Knife 2024.

Jan Gierse from UG-tools showing Steffanie Nebelung, Sales, Alleima the machete made of Alleima® 12C27.

Herb knife made of Damax™ damascus steel from Alleima® by Christophe Van Lochem.

Kleng is a new start up. Here is Sina Dörr and CEO Robin Reuschel showing off a bread knife made of Damax™ damascus steel from Alleima®.

Lukas Balbach, from our partner Balbach Damast showing Steffanie a couple of Damax™ pieces.

Fantastic looking kitchen knife from Paul Adrian made of Damax™ damascus steel from Alleima®.