The DRUPA 2024 show in Düsseldorf, Germany, had a great atmosphere and engagement where the Alleima team was present to share our innovative Printing Doctor Blade steel portfolio. DRUPA is the world's leading trade show for the global printing industry with over 260,000 visitors from over 180 countries.

Quality steel and materials are essential for the printing industry, ensuring equipment durability, precision, reduced maintenance, cost savings, and overall efficiency.

At DRUPA 2024, we had the opportunity to highlight our comprehensive range of Printing Doctor Blade steel products. Our portfolio, known for its precision, durability, and superior performance, was showcased to a diverse audience of industry professionals.

Particularly, our latest innovation, the Alleima® Print XP was highlighted. This high-end steel grade is specifically engineered for long print runs and abrasive inks, offering exceptional wear resistance and print quality. Detailed discussions about Alleima® Print XP and our other doctor blade products underscored our commitment to advancing printing technology and delivering top-tier solutions.

The event provided an excellent opportunity to connect with customers, partners, and industry professionals and learn about the latest trends and advancements shaping the future of printing technology.

Our customers consistently express their appreciation for the superior quality, durability, and sustainability of Swedish stainless steel. It was also noted that there was a high focus on sustainability overall. We were pleased to share our high-percentage recycled steel and our focus on sustainability, aiming to become an even more sustainable player in the market.

DRUPA is well-known not only for its extensive exhibitor showcases but also as a hub of knowledge and innovation. We are excited to integrate the latest trends and technologies into our work, ensuring that we continually listen to and provide our customers with advanced steel grades for highly effective and cutting-edge printing.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who we met with. Your enthusiasm and feedback are crucial to our continuous improvement and innovation.

Our team met with Swedev, who we have a close partnership with.

Swedish stainless steel is appreciated for its superior quality, durability and sustainability.

Kutniye Karagöz, Inside Sales at Alleima had a fruitful discussion with Merve Öztoprak from Vamatco.