The global market for hydrogen is increasing and could reach over $11 trillion by 2050.

Canada is a leader in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies. According to the country’s hydrogen strategy, hydrogen could provide up to 30% of domestic end-use energy by 2050, in a $50 billion national market.

Canada’s hydrogen infrastructure is on the rise, with recently announced plans for a network of hydrogen refueling stations stretching from Edmonton to Calgary.

As well as supporting its own demands, Canada has also identified potential export markets in the United States, Europe, and Asia. It’s clear Canada has a major global role to play as a hydrogen user and producer.

A progressive partner

Over the years, Alleima has built up extensive experience in the development of advanced materials for tubing used for hydrogen applications. Specializing in tubular products for hydrogen production and storage, Alleima is accelerating efficiency and sustainability in the shift toward clean energy.

For Alleima, working with customers to develop materials that move industries and innovation forward will be essential in establishing hydrogen’s key role in Canada’s energy transition.

Revolutionizing North American hydrogen

Accelerating Canada’s hydrogen future was the key theme at the recent Canadian Hydrogen Convention, held in Edmonton and attended by Alleima. As Canada’s premier hydrogen event, it was a good opportunity to showcase our advanced material solutions that are revolutionizing processes in the North American hydrogen market.

Visitors to our booth were excited to learn about our critical components for organizations building refueling stations, as well as those engaged on other forms of transport and mobility.

We support the hydrogen industry in multiple phases of production, distribution, and utilization, including through our innovative Alleima Mobile Tubing solution, which increases safety, efficiency, and sustainability for hydrogen distribution.

Our mobile service solutions container supplies coiled tubing on-site, using a digitally connected system to straighten and cut tubing to match your specifications. With nearly any length able to be cut, our mobile tubing solution significantly reduces waste compared with delivering a standard tube size, meaning substantial material, time, and cost savings.

Advancing hydrogen through materials technology

Alleima has a suite of materials to accelerate the hydrogen industry. Alleima® 3R60 is popular for hydrogen applications. It’s an austenitic chromium-nickel steel with a minimum 2.5% molybdenum and low carbon content with high resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion.

High-pressure tubes materials such as HP 120 and HP160 are characterized by high yield strength and high tensile strength in combination with high elongation. The pressure resistance is guaranteed by the very smooth inside surface. An autofrettage treatment prolongs the cycle fatigue behavior. Seamless HP 120 is ideal for use in hydrogen production and is highly recommended for hydrogen applications.

Moving hydrogen forward

With a 160-year heritage in advanced material expertise, Alleima is transforming engineering solutions for hydrogen production and distribution. Using 80% recycled material and more than 96% fossil-free electricity in our sites, sustainability is integral to how we work.

With a successful track record in driving innovation and advancing solutions for the hydrogen industry, we’re ready to push the possibilities for your hydrogen project.