Ezenna Okolie, Business Development Manager Oil & Gas - Africa, Alleima

The Nigeria Annual International Conference and Exhibition (NAICE) 2023 welcomed over 3,000 attendees and more than 100 exhibitors and featured numerous technical sessions and papers over three bustling days.

The African oil and gas industry is poised for growth, driven by surging energy demands and rapid industrialization expected over the next three decades. Natural gas is set to play a pivotal role in the evolving energy landscape as the industry moves toward sustainability and efficient supply chain management, which underscores the continent's potential for a dynamic and thriving energy sector.

NAICE 2023 was instrumental for the Alleima team, fostering invaluable face-to-face interactions with customers and shedding light on evolving industry trends, like the need for accessible, affordable, and sustainable supply chain solutions.

With over 83% recycled materials and 96% renewable energy, we deliver products with a minimal CO2 footprint. Our integrated value chain, spanning from R&D and melting to end-product, also enables us to provide industry-leading technology, quality and circularity, making our offerings both accessible and cost-effective.

Anticipating the Future

Discussions with customers and industry peers illuminated several noteworthy trends. The region's escalating energy demand is prompting increased project financing through 2030, with a pronounced focus on gas projects and deep offshore ventures by operators.

As the industry grows, we do too, by expanding our capabilities in the USA, Asia and Europe. Our comprehensive offerings, including the SAF™ 2507 Super Duplex Stainless Steel and the Sanicro® family of Austenitic Stainless Steels for Umbilical tubes, OCTG and Control lines. These products underscore our commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions for challenging environments.

Fostering Sustainability and Growth

Oil spills, gas flaring and degradation of habitats are some of the most pressing environmental issues facing Africa that Alleima aims to work with the oil and gas industry to resolve. Addressing environmental concerns in the African oil and gas sector requires collaborative efforts from authorities and industry stakeholders.

Alleima continues to make progress towards company sustainability goals, providing high-quality products with a minimal carbon footprint, constantly looking for ways to reduce this further, and fostering environmental awareness in local communities. This year at NAICE, we launched an engagement with several university students and professors to empower them to advocate for sustainability within their respective communities while providing them access to our sustainability resources.

At Alleima, we remain the same trusted company delivering top-quality engineering solutions as we have been for more than 160 years. Our continued local presence supplying African energy projects with advanced materials, particularly tubular products, is how we advance the industry forward.