Lena Wiig Boström
Marketing Communications Manager
Alleima Business Unit Medical

A host of speakers will address the challenges and opportunities facing medtech, while more than 300 companies will be exhibiting their products in Galway.

Medical Technology Ireland Expo and Conference, which will take place at Galway Racecourse on September 20–21, is set to bring together more than 300 global suppliers, exhibiting their products and services to the medtech industry.

In addition to the exhibitor booths, Medical Technology Ireland will showcase a conference with a diverse schedule, hosted by industry leaders, including the Women in MedTech Forum.

Speakers from manufacturers, academic institutions, start-ups, financial institutions and suppliers will discuss current and future technological trends that can improve the quality of life for patients around the world.

This year’s discussions will include talks on the challenges and opportunities facing Ireland’s medtech sector in 2023, the impact of regulation on medical technology, the challenges of emerging digital and connected health technology, and sustainability in the medical market. Topics that we have been discussing on our microsite on the Medical Device Network platform.

Global medical device technology

Medical Technology Ireland has attracted an extensive list of local and international exhibitors. As the second-largest employer of MedTech professionals per capita and the largest exporter of medical products in Europe, Ireland is a base for nine of the world’s top ten medtech companies.

The conference will provide an ideal environment for networking and forming partnerships for exhibitors and visitors alike, with suppliers offering a broad range of products and capabilities.

We are one exhibitor that prides itself on being a one-stop shop for customized medical wire components. Working with a diverse portfolio of alloys, and specializing in choosing the best materials and configurations, our wire-based components are used in various applications, including vascular therapy, sensing, and neurostimulation. So far, they have been used in devices such as CGM's (Continous Glucos Monitors), cochlear implants, FFR's (Fractional Flow Reserves), catheters, guidewires and heart failure monitoring devices.

Using machinery specifically designed for precision cutting, our medical wire, ribbons, multi-filar, and stranded cables can be precisely cut to the customer’s requested length. Depending on the medical application, the wire can be coated with polymer insulation or PTFE coatings, in addition to having electroplating capabilities.

Since attending last year’s event, we have acquired Endosmart, a Germany-based manufacturer of medical devices and components made of nitinol, an alloy renowned for unique properties including shape memory, biocompatibility and superelasticity. Its portfolio adds to our already extensive metals, alloys and metallurgy expertise, and the combined footprint of the two companies will drive further product development and global expansion.

Besides ultra-fine medical wire and wire-based components, we also offer fine and ultra-fine medical tubes and medical strips. Typical applications are for example bown-screw or bown-saws but also EMG (Electromyography) needles.

The 20th to the 23rd of September you can meet us in booth R1 at Medical Technology Ireland. Welcome by and we are happy to tell you more about the medical portfolio of Alleima.