The International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Vehicle Congress & Exhibition 2024 (FCVC 2024), co-organized by the China Society of Automotive Engineers (China SAE) and the International Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association (IHFCA), is scheduled to take place from June 4th to 6th in Jiading, Shanghai. Under the theme 'Concentrating on Innovation, Propelling the Future: Firmly Promoting High-Quality Growth in Hydrogen Energy and Fuel Cell Vehicles', the conference will feature "1 Plenary Session, 7 Theme Summits and 6 Concurrent Meetings." Additionally, the event will include a 3-day professional technology and equipment exhibition, encompassing exciting activities such as technical tours and new product launches. The conference aims to establish an authoritative and professional international cooperation and exchange platform for the industry. It seeks to collectively promote the integration and development of hydrogen energy and fuel cell vehicle technology, fostering mutual benefits for the industry. Product Offerings: hydraulic & instrumentation tubing, high pressure tubing, coated strip steel