June 27 2023

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Your ability to embrace and thrive on change will be critical to business success. This is especially true in the transition towards more sustainable low-cost industrial production. But achieving this goal requires making smart choices right from the start.

For heat exchangers, we believe cost savings are best achieved through a
smart mix of the material selection for the application, together with the great
expertise of good fabricators. Often, this does not result in the most economical
choice during the purchase phase, but in the long run it prolongs the
performance and lifetime of the equipment.

You are warmly invited to join us in Milano for an inspiring technical day. Our
experts will discuss materials selection for heat exchangers and introduce you
to our new alloy, Sanicro® 35, for the most demanding corrosive environments.
With the support of Polysoude, the renowned welding experts, we will also learn
the best practice for welding of this new alloy.

Let’s discuss on June 27th in our “How to Advance Together” meetup!

To participate please write to:
phone +39 335 5845180