At Alleima's second Annual General Meeting, (AGM) in Sandviken, the innovation prize was awarded to Dr. Markus Mann, Technology and Innovation Manager, at Kanthal Division, for his exceptional work in developing the groundbreaking product Kanthal® Flow Heater. This innovative heater contributes to sustainability by electrifying key industrial processes, in line with Alleima's vision of a greener future. His innovation means that the product can withstand more than 850 °C and provide the highest outlet temperature on the market, up to 1100°C.

For the second time, an innovation prize was awarded at the AGM held in Sandviken. The motivation for the winner of the Alleima Innovation Prize 2024 was as follows:

The Alleima Innovation Prize 2024 is awarded to Dr. Markus Mann for his exceptional work in developing the groundbreaking product Kanthal® Flow Heater, which embodies Alleima's commitment to excellence and innovation. This innovative heater contributes to sustainability by electrifying key industrial processes, in line with Alleima's vision of a greener future. Through meticulous planning and innovative design, Dr. Markus Mann and his team have ensured that the flow heater exceeds industry standards and effectively meets the needs of customers. His commitment and his team’s commitment reflect Hi and his team’s commitment reflects Alleima's core values: We care, We deliver and We evolve.

"This year's winner is an excellent example of how we at Alleima innovate for future technologies and that our innovations lead to future sales. This innovative heater contributes to sustainability by electrifying important industrial processes, in line with Alleima's vision of a greener future. We received a very good selection of nominations, and we now would like to congratulate this year's winner as well as the finalists," says Tom Eriksson, EVP and Head of Strategic Research.

The Alleima Innovation Prize is awarded to employees who have developed the most innovative product or process in recent years. The prize consists of a diploma, a trophy, and a lump sum of 0.5 pbb, per person.

Background about the Award-winner

In 2013, the idea to start a developing initiate development work on an electric air/gas heater emerged due to a growing demand for electric process gas heaters capable of heating air/gas mixtures to temperatures above 850°C. At that time, the market was predominantly saturated with gas-fired heaters, that were neither environmentally friendly nor efficient. These gas heaters faced challenges related to temperature control, safety issues (including noise levels), and the risk of overheating and fire if not used correctly. There were some electrical heater products existed, but they were not designed for temperatures above 850°C, resulting in a significantly short service life.
The inventor Markus Mann and Michal Kramer (Michael, who is no longer employed by Kanthal), initially worked diligently on calculations and conducted small scale model tests to validate the concept. The first test was conducted in 2014. Our Kanthal l® Flow Heater technology operates by efficiently transferring heat to air or gas through a combination of convection and radiation. This occurs as the fluid flows through the heater through multiple annular gaps. These gaps are formed by concentrically positioned Kanthal wires within ceramic tubes allowing the gas to reach temperatures up to 1100°C. The innovation and technology are protected globally by multiple patent families filed in 2015. The Kanthal ® Flow Heater Gen.1 was introduced to the market in June 2016.

The environmental benefit of electrical heating is that it helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating combustion related pollutants such as NOx and SOx. In contrast to gas-fired heaters, it operates without emissions and noise issues. In summary, the Kanthal Flow Heater combines high temperatures, accuracy, efficiency, and environmental benefits. The Kanthal Flow Heater is used in various industries and processes that require high-temperature air or gas flows. Furnace processes and heating of Process Gases It is ideal for applications in industrial heating processes, where precise temperature control and high outlet temperatures are crucial.

Sandviken, May 2, 2024

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