Alleima Tube Americas won the MTI Value Award in partnership with two other companies, Outokumpu and Nobelclad. The recognition was for the creation and value of Sanicro 35.

Pictured in the middle: Luiza Esteves, Technical Marketing Engineer, Alleima Tube Americas

"The end users have requested additional product forms for Sanicro 35. Alleima partnered with Outokumpu and NobelClad to develop sheets, plates, and explosion-bonded products. Now, Sanicro 35 can be used for various applications beyond heat exchanger tubing, such as pressure vessels, tanks, and tube-sheets", says Luiza Esteves, Technical Marketing Engineer, Alleima Tube Americas.

The MTI Value Awards recognize members for applying knowledge gained from MTI projects, resources, trainings, and/or networking to create industry connections. The value gained from MTI membership is measured by how the company successfully improved safety, sustainability, reliability, and/or profitability within its operations as a result of the application of knowledge or networking.

The awards ceremony was held on Wednesday October 25th at the AmeriTAC Meeting in St. Louis.

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Sanicro® 35

Sanicro® 35

Sanicro is the trademark name for our family of high-alloy, multi-purpose stainless steels. As a member, Sanicro® 35 (UNS N08935) is a structurally stable, PRE 52 super-austenitic alloy that offers extreme localized corrosion resistance and outperforms conventional 6Mo grades, with only moderate nickel content.