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To meet the growing demand for plated components used for electric mobility, the luxury industry, and medical applications, Alleima has decided to expand its operations in Switzerland. The manufacturing will be moved from Saint-Imier to a larger facility in Sonceboz, both in the canton of Bern. The project includes a capacity investment in a new automated production line.

Gustav Henriksson, Operations Manager EMEA, Business Unit Medical, Linda Widigsson, Vice President Finance and IT Division Kanthal, Robert Stål, President Division Kanthal, and Olivier Chardon, Production Unit Manager Switzerland, Business Unit Medical

October 2021, Alleima and its Kanthal division, acquired Accuratech Group. Accuratech Group was a Swiss based company offering products including ultra-fine wires, micro-tubes, semi-finished wire components, electroplating and other products mainly used for the medical industry.

The unit in Saint-Imier is an expert in electroplating, a surface treatment producing a metal coating. A large share of the components that get electroplated here are the contacts used in the charging of electric and hybrid vehicles. The market for domestic charging station installations is expected to grow significantly during the coming years. The unit also has a long history as a supplier to the luxury industry and these products can be found in several high-end fashion brands. The reel-to-reel plating lines also support our medical operations.

The project supports the transportation and medical segment and the increased manufacturing space from today's 500 m² in Saint-Imier to 4,000 m² in Sonceboz, Switzerland, will allow Alleima to become a major regional player in surface treatment. The available manufacturing floorspace will allow for growth over many years. The number of employees is expected to increase by approximately 10 people over the coming two years.

"This is an exciting opportunity for us. Through this expansion we will be able to meet an immediate market need and provide a base for future growth in other profitable market segments. The production will be used to support sustainability and durability in a highly efficient manner," says Gary Davies, President Business Unit Medical at Kanthal division.

“It is a large open space which will allow for the large automatic barrel plating line and an optimal setup of the remaining equipment, and not the least our future growth,” says Gustav Henriksson, Operations Manager EMEA within Business Unit Medical at Kanthal division.

The project includes an investment in a new, fully automated plating line that will provide surface treatment for electric vehicles and charging station connectors.

The transfer of the operations from Saint-Imier will be done step by step during 2024 with the target completion date of the end of 2024.

Saint-Imier, November 2, 2023

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