Alan Souza, Regional Sales
Manager, Americas

We have a bold vision: to offer complete solutions for downhole control lines and flatpacks that advance the energy sector – anywhere in the world.

Achieving this across the globe – from the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil, Middle East, North Sea, Southeast Asia and beyond – is no easy task. But our Alleima facilities in Houston, USAis investing to make it happen faster and better – in what is emerging to be a pivotal year for the sector.

No two orders are the same

“Our aspiration is to be the global one-stop-shop, but it’s important to recognize the unique nature of each order for control lines,” says Alan Souza, Regional Sales Manager, Americas. The evolving landscape, characterized by increasingly harsh, deeper, and hotter well conditions, coupled with elevated

pressures, underscores the needs for a diverse array of solutions. Optimal extraction and processing necessitate having a wide range steel alloys, coil lengths, thermoplastic encapsulation, and delivery formats.”

Meeting stringent specifications

Alan Souza knows what he’s talking about. He and his team call on some of the most demanding oil and gas customers in the world. From the ultra-deep Campos basin’s pre-salt deposits in Brazil to deep-water platforms across the Gulf of Mexico, Middle East, Africa and Southeast Asia, orders must be tailored to meet stringent specifications.

In situations where compromise is unthinkable, high-performing solutions are key.

Alan Souza, Regional Sales Manager, Americas

High-performing solutions

Amidst these challenges, a core principle resonates with Souza: “In situations where compromise is unthinkable, high-performing solutions are key,” who adds: “using subpar products invariably leads to long-term cost increases.” Beyond hydraulic well monitoring and chemical injection applications, customer requests span a wide spectrum – from OCTG tubes, umbilical tubes, and instrumentation tubing to nickel alloy bars and hollow bars.

60-year track record

Our heritage in producing seamless control lines from austenitic stainless steel, duplex stainless steel and nickel alloy tube is well established. With a six-decade history of collaboration with major oil and gas companies, Alleima has been a key player in shaping the industry. Our roots trace back to Sandviken, Sweden, in 1862, and we maintain a strong US presence, from Houston to its tube mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania.

2023 – a turning point

“2023 marked a turning point in demand for control lines and related services,” says Leandro Finzetto, General Manager, Houston. “We transitioned from the pandemic and a depressed market to a full-speed-ahead situation. Our tube mill in Scranton, Pennsylvania was shipping us shorter coils, but we needed to build out capacity with new equipment for welding and radiographic inspection. Equally important was investing in the training of staff.”

If you can imagine it, we can do it.

Alan Souza, Regional Sales Manager, Americas

End-to-end solution

Our comprehensive offering includes a wide range of services, from cut-to-length, encapsulation, and line clamps to flushed-and-filled, flatpacks with multiple lines, hydrostatic testing and delivery of long continuous lengths – sometimes up to 30,000 feet! “If you can imagine it, we can do it,” says Souza.

“Many customers have specific requirements when it comes to encapsulation relating to plastics, such as PVC, PP, Nylon, TPV, Hytrel, PVDF and Halar,” adds Alan Souza.

Alleima encapsulation materials

Alleima grade Materials Max temperature rating °C/°F
SAN 195 PVC 90/195
SAN 200 Polyamide 11 95/200
SAN 210 Polypropylene 100/210
SAN 280 TPR/TPV 140/280
SAN 280+ PVDF® 140/280
SAN 300 Halar® 150/300
SAN 310 ETFE/Tefzel 155/310
SAN 400 Hytrel® 200/400
SAN 400+ FEP 205/400
SAN 500 PFA 260/500

Faster and more agile

“These preferences, often driven by considerations such as temperature thresholds, abrasion resilience, well fluid characteristics and more, underscore our positive approach in tailoring solutions. The Houston build-out allows us to be even more agile and responsive across our entire network,” he concludes.