The 50th anniversary of Offshore Europe in Aberdeen recently brought together a broad cross-section of the energy sector for an extremely successful event. Approximately 30,000 visitors attended this year’s Offshore Europe – slightly down from the anticipated 35,000 people. However, there was a tangible sense of confidence among those who were there, suggesting widespread optimism from the fossil fuel and renewable sectors approaching 2024.

Progressive partnerships

The traditional biennial gathering was postponed in 2021 due to the pandemic, meaning this was the first time the energy industry had converged face-to-face in Aberdeen in large numbers for four years. Delegates were delighted to meet up once again.

Aberdeen offshore energy event teamThe theme for this year’s event was ‘accelerating the transition to a better energy future’. A series of technical papers and panel sessions were on offer to help the industry as it transitions towards net zero.

For the Alleima team, OE23 generated many high-caliber conversations with fabricators, operators, and end customers and a sharing of first-hand insights into the latest developments in the energy industry.

Accelerating sustainability

At Alleima, we relentlessly push products and processes to be more efficient, more profitable, and more sustainable. We believe that when we advance materials, industries, products, and customers benefit.

Our conversations with other industry leaders at Offshore Europe included discussing how the sector can overcome the challenges posed by the implementation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) and working with material suppliers for the most appropriate materials.

The shift to renewable energy and CO2 emissions reduction requires new technologies and solutions, with lighter and stronger materials to withstand higher temperatures and corrosion. We discussed how our portfolio of production tubing is already supporting CCS. The first major order of our super duplex steel grade SAF™ 2507 for a CCS project is currently in production.

The absolute best in materials technology

Alleima is fiercely devoted to giving our customers the absolute best in materials technology. It’s part of what sets us apart from all the rest.

At Offshore Europe we showcased our materials expertise through our products including control lines, umbilical tubes, and downhole casing and production tubing (OCTG). These products consist of high-quality materials to help customers extend the lifespan of wells, reduce maintenance costs, and minimize environmental impact.

We also showcased our range of world-leading hydraulic and instrumentation (H&I) tubes and heat exchanger (HE) tubing. We advance processes and applications in the most demanding industries through unique materials that are lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and able to withstand extremely high temperatures and pressures.

Advancing together

Based on our long-term customer relationships we are the leading materials solutions provider, advancing our customers’ operations and enabling new technologies. We continually focus on manufacturing and supplying materials for the next phase of the energy transition to help achieve the global goal of net zero carbon emissions.

’The exhibition was good to meet new and existing customers and share our vision for a more sustainable future’, explained Helen Harvey, Regional Sales Director UK

By using engineering as a force for sustainability, we work together with clients across multiple industries and our communities to make innovative changes that bring about a real difference. Our materials make the difference. Our expertise makes it work.

That’s how you can rely on us to always move you forward.