Today is the United Nation's official International Day of Families. The UN describes the family as constituting the basic unit of society and, therefore, special attention and assistance should be accorded to families so they can fully assume their responsibilities within the community.

Families assume diverse forms and functions from one country to another and within each national society. These express the diversity of individual preferences and societal conditions.

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Alleima cares about a day that is about celebrating families

One of the core values of Alleima is We care. That means we care about not only our customers but also each other, our colleagues, our communities, and the future we all share. As an employee at Alleima it is essential to be able to raise a family and at the same time evolve and develop at work.

Two of our employees view family

We interviewed two of our employees on this topic, Felipe Beluche Lima, Project Specialist, and Karen Picker, Technical marketing manager.

Felipe defines family like this, “Family means love, a sense of community, and connection with those who matter most. Building strong bonds and supporting each other through the ups and downs of life. Although, family isn't just about blood relations but also the relationships we cultivate."Felipe Beluche Lima and his team

Karen agrees, "The people who genuinely care about you and your well-being are family. People who want to be part of the solution helping you and guiding you in achieving your personal and professional goals.”

We at Alleima see the importance of building strong bonds and supporting each other through the ups and downs.

Felipe continues, "In the workplace, Alleima has always been my family as well. I am proud to be a part of an organization that values diversity and inclusivity. For me,´ We care´ as one of our values, goes with embracing differences and committing to creating a welcoming and supportive work environment for people of all backgrounds.

He adds, "Seeing the dedication to fostering a culture of equity makes me feel that I belong and am on board the journey at Alleima. As individuals, we all bring unique strengths and perspectives to the table. Recognizing and embracing these differences is not only important for our well-being, but also contributes to the strength of our organization.”

Karen adds, “I have my Alleima family, and those, after all, are the ones with whom I spend most of my everyday. I feel lucky to work for a global organization that, despite its size, and global footprint, has a culture where everyone is allowed in the conversation, and there is just a natural way of communication and information sharing with a focus on global collaboration for the best of the entire group.

Karen Picker and her family

She continues, "I’m proud to work where people can feel safe about their future, their psychological safety, and speaking their minds. Where they get their points of view and opinions heard, even during the most challenging economic and socio-political times we currently live in.”

At Alleima family is what you need it to be.