Making a positive impact

The butterfly effect theory is the idea that one small occurrence can significantly impact the world. Advanced materials from Alleima can contribute to innovative changes that help raise productivity, energy efficiency, and minimize environmental impact.

In a global marketing campaign “900 ways to make a change”, we highlight how our more than 900 advanced alloys can make a change globally.

With more than 160 years of experience in materials technology and close collaboration with customers, Alleima supplies products and solutions enabling customers’ applications, products, and processes to be more efficient, and sustainable.

The campaign, “900 ways to make a change”, features individually designed butterflies made of unique steel from Alleima. The purpose is to showcase the concept of the butterfly effect, and how the world is deeply interconnected. The idea, that a wing beat of a butterfly can create a storm.

Alleima holds a portfolio of around 900 alloy compositions, manufactured with more than 80% recycled materials and with fossil-free electricity. Each butterfly symbolizes one of these alloys. The butterflies serve as a reminder of how the choices made today ripple into our future and how material choices have a lasting impact on the planet.

They are a message to decision-makers within the industry that the materials they choose can make an impact globally. The materials that they choose for their projects do not only affect their products or applications – but also our planet.

As leading experts in materials technology, Alleima develops materials that are lighter, stronger, more corrosion-resistant, and withstand higher temperatures and higher pressures.

One example of the 900 alloys is butterfly number 885. This alloy goes by the name Freeflex™, a compressor valve steel used in cooling and heating systems such as air conditioners, heat pumps and fridges. Freeflex™ can help reduce energy consumption substantially – a unique piece of stainless steel from Sandviken, Sweden.

Find more examples of how Alleima alloys make a difference for sustainability at the landing page for the campaign, and press images.

“Based on leading R&D capabilities, over time, Alleima has built a portfolio that has made the company an industry frontrunner, with materials and solutions contributing to sustainability. Even though some of these products can be small, their impact can be huge. Sustainability is an integrated part of our strategy and of crucial importance for society as well as for our customers,” says Håkan Sundström, Head of Sustainability and Governance, at Alleima.

“We are proud of our premium portfolio of 900 advanced alloy compositions that truly can contribute to sustainability. With this campaign, we want to highlight the importance of smart material choices in a new and intriguing way and emphasize the positive impact our products have regarding energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions. Within the Medical segment, our materials contribute to improving people’s lives. 900 butterflies to make a change”, says Elja Nordlöf, EVP and Head of Communications at Alleima.