Saipriya Paranjape,
Marketing Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility Manager, Tube Sales, Pune, India

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far.

I lead Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) for Alleima in India, and Marketing Communications for the Tube division, Alleima India.

I have been associated with the team (earlier Sandvik) since 2019 as a consultant and worked closely on cause-based campaigns and events with the CSR teams back then. That’s how my journey with the company began. While charity and philanthropy were the core of what I did, communications were an integral part of our campaigns. I enjoyed both roles tremendously and, on its completion, was invited to join as a CSR consultant followed by communications consultancy as well, only to be absorbed as a full-time employee by Alleima in 2022.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

The work culture in the organization is incredible. Its unmatched legacy, credibility, and goodwill are something to be proud of.

I am extremely passionate about the work I do, but it always begins with the people around me and the work culture, before anything else. Brilliant coworkers and an equally positive work atmosphere. Alleima is all of that for me!

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

I will go with - We care - as it pretty much sums up our ideology as a company. The company certainly cares for its employees, with its robust policies, perks, and exposure; and its customers, by offering sustainable, efficient, world-class materials solutions. But also the environment, with sustainability at the core of its operations and processes.

How is Alleima advancing your growth and development?

Because of its very professional and progressive work environment, the organization has effortlessly resulted in creating a conducive environment bringing out the best in most of us. Furthermore, we are given various opportunities to undergo professional work-related trainings and workshops to better ourselves in our work, while also being trusted entirely with the work expected out of us.

Further, with the ease of communication across the board, and with an always open attitude, I feel no inhibitions in reaching out to my managers and colleagues for help and support. Therefore, I see no hurdles in my growth and development within the organization.