Narendra Girase

R&D Manager
Alleima, India

Hello Narenda!

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far

I have been working for the company for 14 years, within research and development (R&D). Today, my role in R&D is to develop accurate simulation models for our manufacturing processes. My responsibility is to make use of the insights from the analysis to address quality issues in production for existing products. For new products under development, that means checking feasibility in our operations and suggesting process modifications wherever necessary. We also generate knowledge from production data analysis to reduce trial and error in production.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

Alleima has a long proud history of developing technology to commercialize patented ideas. We are respected among customers for the quality and value that we deliver through our products. I love the collaborative approach among diverse teams; we problem solve through open-minded discussions and knowledge sharing by subject experts.

We have very unique competences and make products for highly demanding conditions. I am proud to be part of a team of such knowledgeable and dedicated people with so much experience in serving and working towards sustainable goals.

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

‘We evolve’. Change is the only permanent thing in the world. We have to keep evolving our products for the changing demand, as well as evolving our manufacturing operations with latest available technology.

How is Alleima advancing your own growth and development?

R&D gives me the opportunity to work on futuristic product manufacturing. It gives me real satisfaction when production units make use of the simulation / analytics-based generated knowledge to save time, cost and achieve desired quality in our manufacturing operations.