Munir Al-Saadi

R&D Senior Engineer, Ph.D.,
Product Development Metallurgy,
Sandviken Sweden

Hello Munir!

Tell us about your current role and the journey that has brought you this far

I am currently working as R&D Senior Engineer at R&D Metallurgy, and Product Development, Tube division.

I have been a development engineer since 2007, working on re-melted material for medical applications and super-duplex and nickel alloys for energy applications. I work in product development in the area of forgings and solid bars within R&D.

My expertise is in driving product and process qualifications in metallurgy, thermomechanical processing, and project management. I also support the market and production in terms of product quality and complaints.

I appreciate how open we are about what we have learned and how we try to share our knowledge and help each other, in everything from writing technical reports, giving demonstrations, and representing the company by attending and giving talks at conferences.

In 2021, during the pandemic, I graduated from KTH-Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm and earn a Degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nickel alloy 825.


But my career in Sweden was not as straightforward where I easily could get a job based on my academic skills and I was working as a taxi driver. I have a bachelor's degree in physical science from Baghdad University in 1988 and worked at the Ministry of Industry and Military Industrialization in Mosul, Iraq, and earned a master’s degree in Material Engineering from Uppsala University in Sweden in 2002.

One day 16 years ago, a former R&D manager at Sandvik, Olle Wijk, rode in my taxi and all thanks to his questions and conversations with me, he found out about my academic background and recruited me in 2007 to start at R&D, Sandvik Materials Technology. [Alleima is formerly Sandvik Materials Technology, and was listed as a stand-alone company, on August 31, 2022.]

Your view on how it is to work at Alleima?

An important part of the product development process within R&D is coming up with new ideas to find new creative ways to solve problems or identify challenges that may come our way. Also, the prerequisites of engineering responsibility are to manufacture advanced materials with a high production yield and to always keep the highest quality for our customers.

My job tasks as a professional are interesting and rewarding, but at times they are challenging, which raises our personal development and brings a competitive edge in the market and our profit. I love my job, and every morning I wake up excited, looking forward to going to work to learn something new because every day is different and surprising. I am always trying to find new ways to be more effective, and I am always curious about what´s around the next corner.

What drives you?

What motivates me at work is the workplace environment, and the opportunity to make a difference for our company and customers. That is exactly what Alleima offers me. I have always worked with great colleagues in a great culture where we try new things and are not afraid to fail.

I am very fortunate to have great managers who inspire me daily to love and be passionate about my job. I have supportive colleagues who assist and motivate me and encourage me to be better. My driving force is when I feel like I am part of product development and product design that is bigger than myself, and also find creative ways to contribute to projects that make me feel responsible for my work and work environment as a whole.

Which is your favorite core value (We Care. We Deliver. We Evolve.) and why?

I associate myself with all three core values because they are necessary for our company. Our company’s interests, the customers’ lives, the work environment and communities in which we operate, the future of the world’s children that we share, and our colleagues are at the center of everything I do. I always keep all these values in mind: “We Care,” “We Deliver” and “We Evolve”.