Maria Mueller

Steel Plant Manager
Alleima, Sweden

Hello Maria!

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far

My whole career has been with the company. I came straight from my studies at Stockholm’s KTH, (Royal Institute of Technology) where I got my degree in Materials Science. I did my Master Thesis at our Steel Research department, which led to my first position in 1995. I have had various roles, and each has helped me gain new competencies through different responsibilities within process development IT, project management, logistics, Environment Health and Safety, Quality and management.

Today I am responsible for the Sandviken-based Steel Plant, including Raw Material Handling, Process Development and Raw Material Optimization. It’s such a varied role; I get to oversee all daily operations of the plant from production and manufacturing to ensuring that we follow our overall procedures.

Alleima is unique in terms of our integrated production that cooperates so closely with customers and our advanced materials and products. It’s incredible to be developing solutions for the most demanding industries in the world.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

I’m proud of our products and our strong commitment to deliver and develop. As a team we have very strong engagement and pride in what we do, with exceptionally dedicated employees.

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

‘We deliver’. For me, this is about us first understanding the customer’s needs, and helping them achieve their goals through product development, then delivering what we have promised.

How is Alleima advancing your own growth and development?

Right now we are manufacturing new grades in our Steel Plant and I’m learning so much. Alleima is a place of constant personal growth; we’re always pushing our limits and striving for the best quality in an efficient, sustainable way.