Eva Lindh-Ulmgren

Head of R&D
Alleima, Sweden

Hello Eva!

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far

I am Head of Research & Development for the Tube division here at Alleima. My team supports with the development and qualification of new materials, products, and processes. In my role I have both strategic and operational responsibilities.

R&D is strongly integrated in our organisation. and we work closely with both our colleagues in production and our sales and marketing teams, supporting these teams with our extensive materials knowledge.

An important (and fun!) part of the job is meeting with existing or potential customers to understand their current and upcoming material challenges. Talking to customers about their specific applications is often the best inspiration for innovative ideas and the development of new materials.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

My great Alleima colleagues… they’re very smart, loyal, and dedicated, with a fantastic drive and capability to continuously improve and develop. Our inclusive working environment with strong teams working together and a willingness to share ideas and knowledge makes Alleima a fantastic place to work.

I’m also really proud of our very strong internal R&D, and our extraordinary technical competence related to our materials and processes. Plus of course, our global footprint and incredibly diverse product portfolio.

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

I can strongly relate to all three, but I choose ‘We evolve’. I have always been curious and passionate about learning new things, and here, surrounded by colleagues with a strong drive to both develop and share new knowledge, I feel that I have a dream job. For me ‘evolve’ relates both to our products and operations, and me as an individual. From an employer perspective, I strongly believe that it is crucial to stimulate personnel development to attract and retain our talents. ‘Evolve’ is also very much related to our business: we define ourselves as technology leaders and continuous development is essential to stay ahead of competition.

How is Alleima advancing your own growth and development?

Working in global teams with colleagues of diverse backgrounds and different competences enables you to see things from different perspectives, and this stimulates my own personal development daily.

As a leader, I’m privileged to be involved in multiple operational, tactical and strategic activities. This means I’m continuously learning new things, which is very inspiring. There are so many possibilities for engagement in my role – I’d seize them all if I had the time!

This is one of the (many!) reasons I always recommend Alleima to anyone with a passion for materials or technology. You’ll develop in so many different ways; as a person, in your career, as a specialist, as a generalist… and then there are all the varied career possibilities within R&D, production, sales, leadership and more. All with the best colleagues you could ever hope for.