Carolina Araujo
Development engineer
São Paulo, Brazil

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far

Over the years that I have been working for Alleima, I have built up a diversity of skills and attributes as I had the chance to be in contact with different areas such as Production Planning and Control, Logistics, Purchasing, and Inventory.

Last year I embraced a new opportunity and moved from Rio de Janeiro to São Paulo, starting in a new role, as a Development Engineer, where I am being exposed to fresh challenges, developing my technical skills, as well as being in direct contact with customers. It is something unique.

One of my favorite parts is identifying new business opportunities, applications, and technologies. I attend conferences and exhibitions, giving technical presentations and developing strategies. One segment that is getting a lot of attention and I am loving working actively, is renewable energy.

A highlight of my current position is the dynamism, and the possibility of being in contact with different people, processes, and professional experiences. It is an area with plenty of chances to learn new things where I can develop myself.

My daily responsibilities also include carrying out technical-commercial visits, where I support materials selection, based on understanding the customer's process and failures, as well as their specifications. As a result, I am able to provide the best solution with the technical benefits of our products. It is very stimulating.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

I am proud of several things and very passionate about my work at Alleima. It is an incredible opportunity to be part of this team.

I always say that we spend more time at work than at our homes, so we should put this time to good use, working for a company that I admire, in an inclusive environment, where opportunities are promoted equally for all. At Alleima I found that.

Equally as meaningful are the enthusiasm, high levels of positivity, and can-do attitude in my work environment. Making me feel capable of accomplishing any task, and I value this feeling immensely.

I believe that having friends in our work environment can help us feel more energized throughout the day, empower us, and motivate us, bringing a sense of value and belonging. I feel at home in Alleima.

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

I identify with all the values at Alleima, nevertheless, I would like to give special emphasis to our We Care.

We have the same goal, collaborate, and trust each other. Open-mindedness to expand the boundaries of our knowledge and ways of seeing things by listening carefully to different points of view. It is rewarding.

Everyone is always offering their help and is concerned about the development and growth of colleagues. Small steps create impacts when we all work together as one.

We also have the expectations of our customers in mind, we always improve our ways of working to find new ways to solve challenges. Because we care, we seek to evolve and deliver great quality to our customers.

How is Alleima advancing your growth and development?

Alleima is a forward-thinking and innovative company that gives employees drive and good challenges. Collaborating for the success of the company that trusts in our work and assigns us key responsibilities.

I consider myself very committed to lifelong learning, seeking to improve personally and professionally, and the company supports me in that process by enrolling me in various courses and training.

And the experience across different areas, as well as the contact with diverse activities, cultures, and people gives me the chance to enhance my performance.

My co-workers perform an important role in my continuous development, by sharing their experience, knowledge, vision, and also the lessons they have learned.

Growth opportunities are numerous, as Alleima promotes the best environment to be successful, always inspiring, and motivating people to achieve their goals and reach their best performance.