Björn Bosbach
Senior R&D Professional, Strategic Research
Sandviken, Sweden

Tell us about your current role and the journey that’s brought you this far

I studied mechanical engineering at the Technical University of Hamburg (TUHH), Germany. I had my first contact with metallurgy in my first year when I tried to understand the iron-carbon phase diagram. Honestly, I did not fall in love with it at that time. Instead, I became enthusiastic about research in the field of fiber composites and continued this path with a Dr.-Ing. in materials science.

During these years, I acquired a wide knowledge of method development, mechanical testing of various materials, and investments in laboratory equipment. I was also passionate about giving lectures to students and hoped to find a position after graduation where I could continue.

Today, my daily work as an R&D engineer is very diversified. I am a project leader for alloy development and several investment projects for R&D equipment. Being the Chairman of one of our strategic research platforms, which aim to lead the evolution of the materials across all product areas, allows me to get a great insight into our research activities. Finally, I am continuing my passion for presenting at universities and schools speaking about Alleima, my journey from Hamburg to Sandviken, and what it is like to work as an engineer at Strategic Research.

Why are you proud to be part of Alleima?

Alleima is a very open-minded, international company with a strong focus on R&D for new materials and a more sustainable world, and I love being a part of it. We have a fully integrated value chain from R&D to the final product and do almost everything in-house. It is great and essential to keep us at the forefront of developing new materials in the most demanding industries.

Alleima has set significant climate and circularity goals having 83% recycled steel in finished products by 2030. That is amazing! I love our logo, the colors, and our brand. If you see me walking with my dog, you will probably see me wearing an Alleima polo shirt during the summer and a reflective beanie during the winter.

Which of our core values (We care, We deliver, We evolve) do you especially connect with, and why?

For me, these three core values have been chosen with great care and importance by Alleima. They reflect who we are and what we stand for and are all interconnected. One cannot be without the other. I care deeply about my colleagues, customers, and suppliers.Björn Bosbach Senior R&D Professional

Development for a person and as a company is important to move forward and adapt to changes in the world. But my greatest passion is to deliver knowledge, motivation, and happiness to others. I am convinced that sharing these three values and supporting each other will lead to a great working environment. And indeed, to better products that we can deliver to our customers. So, we deliver!

How is Alleima advancing your growth and development?

I didn't have much background in metallurgy before I started working here, but there are so many different positions at Alleima that I have found a place where I fit and can develop, even though fiber composites are not part of our product portfolio, for now.

All the colleagues, I have met are open to discussion, sharing their knowledge, and showing me around their workplace. For me, it is important to take steps as well outside of R&D from time to time to understand the entire value chain by visiting the production lines in Tube, Strip, and Kanthal. All this has allowed me to develop quickly in this company and to build a huge internal and external network.

My current position enables me to learn more about metallurgy and materials evolution across all product areas, giving me a good foundation for the next step in my career. I recently attended a 4-week part-time course as a first step toward a management career. Exciting times are ahead, as always when working for Alleima.