Alleima remains committed to evolving and developing new advanced materials to enhance safety, productivity and efficiency. In the late 1960s and 1970s, we pioneered the development of duplex stainless steels, introducing a new family steel grades that have since become the industry standards in various applications. Today, we proudly introduce two new additions to our duplex steel family: SAF™ 3006 and SAF™ 3007. While their names may sound similar, these are distinct materials, tailored for different application areas.

SAF™ 3006

This new high-alloy duplex stainless steel is tailored for heat exchanger applications facing general corrosion challenges caused by acidic and caustic environments. Primarily targeted at customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries, SAF™ 3006 offers all the benefits of a duplex material, such as strength, corrosion resistance, low weight, and cost efficiency – while also handling exposure to acids, whether with or without seawater cooling.

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SAF™ 3007

“Less is more” has never been more accurate. In the 1990s, Alleima pioneered the umbilical tubing market with SAF™ 2507, delivering more than 160,000,000 meters (525 million feet) of super-duplex stainless tube. Now we are unveiling an all-new generation designed to meet future demands – with thinner walls and reduced weight and cost, thanks to higher yield strength. The development of SAF™ 3007 super-duplex seamless tube is in response to customers’ needs, addressing longer tiebacks, higher pressures and deeper wells.

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