Advanced medical precision wire with the capacity to enhance the quality of life for many people.


Alleima develops, manufactures and refines Exera® fine medical wire specifically for medical devices. In addition to the various stainless steels typically used in medical applications, Alleima can also process other materials, such as tubes of precious metal alloys, gold, platinum, etc., in addition to non-ferrous metals such as brass, nickel, nickel silver, copper, or copper alloys.

These metals can be combined with a variety of coatings to deliver the precise performance and characteristics required by a specific application. The result is Exera®, a cutting-edge product used in many of the small wire-based components that will play a crucial part in the smart medical devices of the future.


Medical devices are getting smaller and smarter. One thing that many smaller, smarter medical devices have in common is their use of ultra-fine wire components.

Reducing the size of a medical device makes it possible to carry out less invasive surgical procedures, resulting in reduced surgical trauma for patients and improved recovery times.

When you look at some of the most innovative medical solutions in the world today, you will find Exera® fine medical wire in many of them. From continuous glucose monitoring for diabetes care, to cochlear implants, deep brain stimulation, pacemaker leads, fractional flow reserves (FFRs), implantable cardioverter defibrillators (ICD), catheters, and guidewires, Exera® medical precision wire already enhances the quality of life for many people around the world.

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