Division Kanthal’s solutions reduce climate impact by electrifying industrial processes.


Kanthal’s electric heating technology increases energy efficiency and productivity while reducing emissions of CO2 and NOx. Electric heating is clean, precise and quiet and suitable for everything from the heat treatment of automotive components to the production of steel, aluminum and other metals, to cathode production for batteries.

Designed to withstand extreme temperatures and highly corrosive environments, our solutions support electrification. To name a few examples, Kanthal® APM, a powder-based alloy that supports higher productivity in semiconductor manufacturing, and Thermothal®, a series of alloys that allow exact temperature measurements of up to 1,260 C.


The arguments for electrifying industrial processes speak for themselves: from minimized CO2 emissions and NOx pollution to enhanced energy efficiency and vastly improved working environment and safety. Not to mention the productivity benefits due to the precise temperature control and automation opportunities offered by variable electric heating.

Until recently, cost and the lack of access to green electricity were seen as major stumbling blocks. However, change is afoot, accelerated by the volatile geopolitical landscape, which has led to a growing desire to reduce dependence on gas.

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