Community involvement

Be global - act local

We are committed to improving the communities where we live and work. We support initiatives that make important and sustainable contributions.

At Alleima we have a global Sponsorship & Community Involvement procedure that together with our brand promise, policies and adjoined procedures guides us in our efforts in these areas.

Our commitment to being a technology leader, progressive customer partner, and sustainability driver in everything we do, directs us in which areas to partner in and which types of activities are important for us.

However, the decision on whom to partner with or what type of initiative should be prioritized is a local decision.

We will not engage in activities that in any way conflict with our Code of conduct.

Local action

Our employees are engaged in the communities where we operate. We as a company take pride in the value of caring about the people around us, supporting topics that are important in the society where we live, and making a difference.

Follow the link for a great example Water conservation and advocacy program in India — Alleima

More information

Read more about our community engagement and sponsoring activities in Sweden at this link (in Swedish).