Strip steel from Alleima can be delivered with a variety of edge finishes, to suit specific requirements. The choice of edge finish depends on the application; however, the availability of finishes is dependent on steel grade, size and tolerance. Here only standard profiles are shown, but other finishes are also available, such as bevelled edge.

a) Mill edge

Untreated edge, generally with a somewhat uneven contour. No width tolerance is normally stated.

b) Slit edge

Edge with the shearing burr not removed. This edge is obtained by slitting with a circular shear.

c) Deburred edge

Slit edge from which the burr has been removed.

d) Square edge

Sharp cornered square edge. Obtainable in widths up to 150 mm (5.905 in.). Some hardened grades can be supplied with this edge in widths up to 430 mm (16.93 in.).

e) Square edge with rounded corners

Widths up to 150 mm (5.905 in.).

f) Round edge

Edge completely rounded. Obtainable in widths up to 150 mm (5.905 in.).

g) Cutting edge

Sharp edge for die cutting. Edge hardened option for extra long service life.