Sanbar 64 is an air-hardening, high nickel alloy steel with good response to carburizing. It has excellent fatigue strength and wear resistance in the case hardened condition.


Sanbar 64 is used for extension rods, shank rods and tapered rods.

Mechanical properties

Typical values, as-delivered condition
Proof strength Rp0.2
MPa (ksi)
Tensile strength Rm
MPa (ksi)
900 (131) 1250 (181) 37-44 HRC


The maximum permissible decarburization depth is 0.30 mm (0.012 in.) on the outer surface and 0.20 mm (0.008 in.) on the inner surface.


Sanbar 64 can be machined in the hot rolled condition.


Induction heating to 1000–1100°C (1830–2010°F), 10–60 seconds, depending on dimension. Forging range 1100–850°C (2010–1560°F).
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Heat treatment

Annealing (induction heating) 680–720°C (1260–1330°F). Cooling in air.
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Gas carburizing and direct quenching

920–930°C (1690–1705°F). Time depends on the required carbon content and the case depth. Cooling in forced air.


Recommended surface hardness 57–62 HRC and core hardness 36–44 HRC temperature approximately 180–230°C (355–450°F) for one hour.

Surface induction hardening


Hardening: Induction heating to 900– 1000°C (1650–1830°F), 3-6 seconds. Quenching in water or in oil.


Recommended surface hardness 50–55 HRC, temperature 150 to 250°C (300– 480°F). Tempering may not be needed.

Sizes and tolerances

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