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Industrial solutions advancing technologies

Our industrial offering comprises a broad range of products that are supplied to many different industries and customers, including end-users, manufacturers, and distributors. Alleima products often play a pivotal role in advancing technologies – existing and emerging – to tackle the challenges of the future.

Key products include high-pressure and composite tubing, hollow and solid round bars as well as semi-finished ingots and blooms, and billets for hot rod.

The products are used in various applications, including as pre-material for wire rod and machinery components, high-pressure water jet cutting equipment, and heat recovery boilers in the pulp and paper industry.

Related products

High pressure tubes

Seamless high-pressure tubes for a variety of high-pressure applications using liquid or gas as the pressure medium, such as hydraulic installations, test benches and water-jet cutting equipment.

Hollow bar

Hollow bar is the productivity booster for hollowed components. Available in stainless steel grades. Sizes range from outside diameter 32 to 275 mm (1.26 to 10.82 in.)

Composite tube

Composite tube (compound tube) suitable for applications where the conditions outside and inside the tube require material properties that cannot be met by one material only.

Electroplating for industrial applications

Simple in its concept, electroplating allows manufacturers to add a thin layer of metal to a component built from another material, enabling it to have corrosion resistance, special electrical characteristics, wear resistance and hardness, weldability, or just visual aspects.

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