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High-precision consumer solutions

We offer precision strip steel products for the most demanding environments and consumer applications where superior control of production parameters is crucial.

You will find our solutions where quality is essential, and the chemical composition is critical to meet the feature requirement of each application.

Our consumer offerings include razor blade steel, and knife steel and precision strip steel for white goods compressors and air conditioners. Our advanced materials can also be found in watches, microwave ovens, computers, tablets, and mobile telephones.

Energy-efficient compressors

The key to making heat pumps and air conditioning units use less energy is the compressor valve. This small part is often described as the heart of the unit because it carries out the critical task of regulating the flow and pressure of the refrigerant in the cooling system.

The compressor valve steel market is growing fast, driven by a growing and increasing population, improved living standards, and not least the need for more energy-efficient solutions.

Our compressor valve steel with enhanced fatigue properties which can be exposed to tougher operational conditions, is a key for designing a more energy-efficient compressor.

Related products

Razor blades

Razor blade strip steel in Alleima® 13C26 martensitic stainless chromium steel delivered as cold-rolled strip steel with close dimensional tolerances and high accuracy on flatness and straightness.

Compressor valve steel

Our premium compressor valve steels enable higher valve lift, leading to increased compressor efficiency. Reduced length of valve with maintained lift enables miniaturization of the valve.

Knife steel

Annealed or cold-rolled knife steel in a wide range of stainless chromium steels delivered in coils or as straightened lengths belonging to our knife steel portfolio.

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