Chemical and petrochemical solutions

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Chemical solutions for critical processes

Chemical products can be found in numerous places in contemporary society. They play a part in everything from plastics to the tires on our vehicles, our clothes, and digital devices, as well as in packaging, fertilizers, medical equipment, perfumes, pharmaceuticals, and insecticides.

Our Chemical and Petrochemical offerings include application tubing products for hydraulics and instrumentation, heat exchangers, process piping, high-temperature applications, and high-pressure equipment for fertilizer production.

Alleima tubing is key to several critical processes and in the production of different chemicals and petrochemicals.

The products can be used in process fluids distribution, control and measuring systems, and heat exchange process equipment.

Example application areas are the manufacture of fertilizers in high-pressure parts of the urea process, hydraulic and instrumentation tubes are used to monitor temperature, pressure, and processes in various chemical and petrochemical plants, and heat exchanger tubes are used for heat transfer between different corrosive process media in condensers, evaporators, heaters and reheaters for the chemical and petrochemical plants where safety and reliability of performance are of critical importance.

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