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Ready to make a real difference? Choose utra-fine medical wire, wire-based components or micro-tubes, and let decades of expertise and innovation take your design to the next level.

Alleima develops, manufactures and refines ultra-fine medical wire specifically for medical devices. The Alleima brand equals high quality across the entire value chain.

Living with diabetes type 1 and how a CGM supports to live an almost normal life

Latest trends in medical device development

GlobalData, a London-based data analytics and consulting company which Alleima partners with, has identified the top themes that will impact an increasingly digitalised Medtech industry. Read more about the key takeaways.

From idea to implementation

Creativity is key to your design. As an integral part of your research and development journey, we can help you imagine and implement innovative solutions to solve tomorrow’s medical needs.

Agility matters, too. Our deliberately lean initiatives increase quality and decrease variability throughout the design process. And through a responsive, comprehensive design partnership with you, together we can conceive – and expertly create – unique processes and products.

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Product forms

Work with us and take advantage of the finest quality fine medical wire, a completely controlled value chain and all the time and cost efficiencies of
a single, reliable supplier. We have one of the largest range on the market.

Advance together

Let us share our world-leading metallurgy advice, materials selection expertise and new product development innovation. We have a comprehensive range of high-grade fine wires and wire-based components for applications in various fields of medical technology.

We specialize in providing our expertise in selecting materials and configurations for use in medical applications such as vascular therapy, sensing, and neurostimulation. How can we serve you?

Ultra-fine medical tubes

Our long experience in the production of wires allows us an upstanding ultra-Ultra-fine tubesfine tube manufacturing. In addition to the various stainless steels, which are especially used in medical applications, we can also process other materials, such as tubes of precious metal alloys, gold, platinum, etc., but also non-ferrous metals such as brass, nickel, nickel silver, copper or different copper alloys.



Webinar "The Future of Medical Devices - Smaller and Smarter"

Download the on-demand-webinar "The Future Of Medical Devices – Smaller And Smarter". Our experts Dr Cacie McDorman and Dr Bernd Vogel presents how medical wire from Alleima and our newly added nitinol processing capabilities support this trending field in medical device development.

Medical wire applications

Vascular therapy

Wire for use in applications to treat cardiovascular, endovascular and peripheral vascular disorders.

Sensing solutions

Solutions for information gathering, including pressure, glucose and thermal data for remote monitoring and home care applications.

Cochlear remediation

Solutions for middle ear implants for sensorineural hearing loss.

Stimulation therapy

Wire used in brain stimulation, deep brain stimulation, spinal cord stimulation, and other similar applications.

Preventive Medicine

Applications to support preventing a medical situation before they occur. Typical applications are: Breast cancer location, diabetes care and heart failure preventions.

Disclaimer: Alleima is not providing any products or services that are intended or may be construed to be recommending or otherwise advising on, in any manner, the design, suitability, appropriateness or effectiveness, from a medical/biological/safety perspective, of any medical material, instrument and/or medical device.