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Our coated steel strip provides unique, enhanced and new combinations of properties. Our steel strip also contributes to the reduction of manufacturing steps in several applications where it is used.

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Mechanical properties

The mechanical properties of Alleima surface technology base materials, such as tensile strength and ductility, are comparable to traditional strip products of similar specification. Other, surface-related mechanical properties such as wear-resistance and surface hardness can be tailor-made by means of the properties of the coating applied.

Corrosion resistance

Alleima surface technology strip products can be supplied with high corrosion resistance. The corrosion resistance of the base material is achieved by using, for example, stainless steel grades such as type 430, 301 or 304, although other materials can also be used. Specific requirements can be met by selecting the optimum combination of strip substrate and coating.

Electric and magnetic properties

Electric and magnetic bulk properties of Alleima surface technology strip products can be customized, for example, for high-conductivity and shielding applications. In addition, materials with excellent surface conductivity features can be generated through our novel surface technology. The specific requirements of every customer are met by selecting the optimum combination of base material and surface layer.

Forming and machining

Excellent adhesion between base material and coating makes it possible for Alleima surface technology strip products to be cold formable and bendable to tight radii. Processing operations such as cutting, stamping and grinding can be performed with enhanced productivity thanks to the excellent flatness and surface finish of our coated strip product.