Powder-metallurgical knife steels

Examples of grades: Any high-alloy powder-metallurgical steel grade for knife applications

Powder-metallurgical (PM) steels have a much finer structure than the coarse-carbide steels, but the carbides still have about 200 times larger volume than the small carbides in the microstructure of Alleima® 12C27.

The structure is homogenous and has a high carbide density. This makes powder-metallurgical grades highly wear resistant and the medium-size carbides give satisfactory edge properties.

Due to their high fraction of hard and brittle carbides, these grades are difficult to sharpen and have low toughness. Especially if used on keen edge geometries, these grades have a tendency to chip in the edge, which is known as micro-chipping.

Powder-metallurgical steels are good for knives on which demands on wear resistance are very high and on which demands on edge performance, such as edge toughness, regrindability, edge stability and keen edge geometries, are moderate.