Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
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Quality Engineer

In this exciting role you will be part of a global family of market leading innovators who share the same passion for engineering and materials technology, where a mix of internal knowledge and new external eyes comes together to deliver on business needs. This is truly a chance to take ownership of an area and build something. It’s also a chance to join an organization eager to adapt new solutions and continuously improve. Do read more about our company and culture

Your Role

  • 负责质量管理体系的内部审核

Responsible for internal audit of Quality Management System.

  • 组织并编写质量体系的年度内审计划

Organize and prepare annual internal audit plan of Quality Management System.

  • 全面负责质量管理体系内部审核工作,并拟定审核报告

Responsible for internal audit of Quality Management System and prepare audit report.

  • 对内审发现的不符合项跟踪管理

Track and manage the non-conformity items found in internal audit.

  • 负责质量管理体系的外部审核

Responsible for external audit of Quality Management System

  • 负责完成质量体系的第三方审核审核

Responsible for the third party audit of Quality Management System.

  • 负责质量管理体系外审工作的沟通、准备等事项

Responsible for the communication and preparation of Quality Management System external audit.

  • 负责跟踪外审发现的不符合项,并提交不符合项纠正措施报告,以获得审核通过

Responsible for tracking the non-conformity found in the external audit, submit the corrective action report of the non-conformity to obtain the approval of the audit.

  • 负责质量管理体系(ISO9001/IATF 16949/AS9100/TSG)的建立及维护

Responsible for setting up and maintenance of ISO9001/IATF 16949/AS9100/TSG Quality Management System.

  • 负责制定质量管理体系的各项流程以及规范,并监督执行

Responsible for Quality Management System procedures and specifications, and supervise the implementation.

  • 组织质量管理体系的教育培训工作

Organize the education and training of Quality Management System

  • 监督并指导各部门落实质量管理体系

Supervise and guide all departments to implement Quality Management System

  • 协助QA&CI主管定期召开质量管理体系管理评审工作,评价公司质量管理体系运行的充分性、适宜性和有效性

Assist QA & CI supervisor to hold Quality Management System management review regularly to evaluate the adequacy, suitability and effectiveness of the company's quality management system.

  • 收集各方面的改进建议,组织实施质量管理体系改进

Collect suggestions from all aspects, organize the implementation of quality management system improvement

  • 负责客户询单的技术条款回复及客户订单技术条款的合同评审工作

Responsible for technical clauses reply for inquiry and finish Contract Review of customer order

  • 负责完成客户订单的技术条款评审及处理

Responsible for technical clauses of customer order

  • 负责完成客户订单的OCP处理及ITP的编制

Responsible for dealing with Quality Control Plan (OCP) and ITP for customer order

  • 负责完成质保书和出口检验证书

Responsible for Mill Certificates and related Export Certificates

About You

  • 本科及以上学历,材料学相关专业优先

Bachelor degree of engineering, preferred in Metallic materials

  • 至少5年以上机械加工业质量相关工作经验

Minimum 5 years experiences in general quality work in Material machining.

  • 至少3年以上IATF 16949:2016质量管理体系的独立推行及维护工作经验

Minimum 3 years experiences in independent implementing and maintenance IATF 16949:2016

  • 熟悉ISO 9001和IATF 16949质量管理体系。如果有AS9100或TSG经验者优先

Good knowledge of the ISO 9001& IATF 16949. Experience with AS9100 or TSG is preferred

  • 良好的逻辑思维能力

Good logical ability.

  • 良好的中英文口头和书面沟通能力

Good verbal and written communication in Mandarin and English

  • 较强的组织、协调和沟通能力

Strong organization, coordination and communication skills

  • 熟练掌握办公化软件

Proficient in office automation software

  • 持有IATF 16949内审员证

Have Internal auditor of IATF 16949 system

What you can expect from us

At Alleima, we are convinced that diversity leads to a better environment for our employees, our company, and our customers. We offer you great development opportunities in a global industrial group with favorable employment conditions that includes:

A great workplace that always trying to create conditions for developing good physical and mental health for our employees.

A positive environment that all our people can operate at their full potential and at the same time feel valued and welcomed whoever they are.

A fair and equitable compensation package encompasses not only compensation but also pension, benefits, career development, work environment etc., based upon the position, local market, experience, and performance.

At Alleima, our mission is much more than delivering high-quality products, technology, and processes - working together to develop solutions based on our customer’s needs and thus achieve our business goals, is a better way to describe our daily work. With curious employees and safety as our priority, we create a work environment where you can develop both personally and professionally.

With a clear direction for our journey ahead, utilizing our position as a technology leader, progressive customer partner, and sustainability driver, we aim to become an even stronger company in our industry.

Are you ready to take on this challenge together with us? Join us on our journey!