30 Aug
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
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Shift management 班组管理

― Daily shift work management, coordinating resources and completing testing tasks. 班组日常管理,协调部门资源完成测试任务

― Responsible for the training of the team members according to department training plan 负责按照部门培训计划对本班人员进行培训

― Responsible for the supervision of the team members 负责本班人员的监督工作

― Responsible for employee KPI management 员工工作绩效管理

― Finish the testing tasks Independently according to test plan 按照计划独立完成测试任务

― Direct or assist staff in dealing with technical and equipment issues 指导或协助员工处理技术和设备问题

Responsibility as corrosion owner 作为腐蚀方法负责人的职责

― Develop the new test methods according to relevant standards, organize the pre-testing and verification for all new test items 根据相关的测试标准进行新测试项目的开发,策划新测试项目的预试验和验证工作

― Responsible for test verification and validation when standards updating 负责测试方法更新时的验证和确认

― Research test standard and continue to improve own work knowledge and skill, contribute to Laboratory test conformance checking 测试标准解读和研究,不断提高自己的知识和技能,为部门内方法的符合性检查做出贡献

― Responsible for maintenance of corrosion work instruction, such as standard update, staff training, record optimization, etc. 负责腐蚀测试作业指导书的维护工作,如标准更新、员工培训、记录优化等

― Reviewing technical conformity and effectiveness of test result, give opinions and explanation in corrosion test area 审核腐蚀结果技术符合性和有效性,对腐蚀领域测试给出意见和解释

Others 其它

― Support CNAS internal audit 支持CNAS 体系内审

― Other tasks from supervisor, Such as equipment management, standard material management, calibration management, Chemical management, safety management, etc. 完成上级交给的其他任务。如设备管理、标准物质管理、校准管理、化学品管理、安全管理等

About You

― College degree or above in engineer majors, Chemistry major preferred. 大专及以上学历,工科专业;化学专业优先

― More than 3 years testing experience in corrosion area 3年及以上腐蚀领域测试经验

― Familiar with Metallic test method. Especially the corrosion test. 熟悉金属材料测试方法,特别是腐蚀试验

― Good team spirit 良好的团队精神

― Good leadership and Good communication skills 有一定的领导能力和良好的沟通技能 ― Familiar with basic software 熟悉常规办公软件

― CNAS auditor certificate is preferred CNAS内审员证书优先

― English CET-4 is preferred. 有英语四级证书优先