26 Jul
Zhenjiang, Jiangsu
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1 Production Engineer -PU Zhenjiang

Your Role


As a manufacturing engineer, this position shall be responsible for providing solutions of production management and professional technical issue,thus improve productivity, cost effectiveness,reduce risks regarding both EHS and quality; to ensure each behave in accordance with relevant regulations and Alleima standards,including but not limited to:

  • 负责配合工艺部门优化生产关键参数,对异常情况进行跟踪反馈及问题解决;

Responsible for cooperating with the PT department to optimize key production parameters. And follow up the progress and problem solving.

  • 负责特殊订单生产前的参数复核。对特殊测试项目进行评估,转换为现场操作员工可实现的操作要求

Responsible special order parameter review before production. Evaluated product test property transfer to operation needs.

  • 负责对影响产品质量、效率的关键控制点,优化操作流程,并定期回顾与更新

Responsible for key control point of product quality、productivity,optimize the operation process,review and updated the process requirement

  • 协助做好人员培训和知识分享与技能开发,持续提高生产操作的技能水平;

Assist in people training、knowledge sharing and skill development to continuously lift production operating skills up

  • 协助对生产过程、产品质量、OEE、成本等进行跟踪及分析,并提出优化改善建议,持续完善生产标准化;

Tracking performance in process efficiency/ product quality/OEE and cost spending, define the improvement opportunities and propose solutions through analysis, drive continuously improvements of production efficiency and operation standardizations.

  • 协助公司的产品体系认证,确保整个生产运营体系符合要求,配合部门的内外审核

Assist company’s quality system certification to ensure all production system meet requirement and cooperate with internal and external audit from production department

  • 负责完成领导安排的其他工作。

Other tasks assigned by the manager.

About You

  • 本科及以上学历材料类、机械类等相关专业;

Bachelor degree or above, major in materials, machinery and other related majors.

  • 有生产工程师或工艺工程师相关工作经验,或优秀应届毕业生

Have professional experience in production engineering/process engineering, or outstanding fresh graduates.

  • 具备机械加工制造、金属材料、冶金工程等相关专业知识,焊接材料更佳

Have professional knowledge in machining manufacturing、metal material、metallurgy engineering. and if have welding knowledge is prefer

  • 具有良好的人际沟通能力、团队协作能力;

Good interpersonal communication skills and teamwork skills.

  • 具有良好的独立工作能力,和以结果为导向的解决问题的能力

Good ability to work independently and solve problems in a result-oriented manner.

  • 具有很好的工作责任心和积极的工作态度;

Strong sense of responsibility and positive work attitude.

  • 具有基本的英语口语表达能力,读和书写能力;

Basic English oral expression, reading and writing skills.

  • 熟悉word,excel、PPT等办公软件

Familiar with office software, such as word, excel, PPT, etc.