29 Apr
Mehsana, Gujarat
Job category
  • Follow required SAFETY norms at all stages of work.
  • To maintain discipline as per rules & regulation of the Organization.
  • Operating of production machine as per SOP.
  • To produce quality product as per quality plan.
  • Achievement of set Production Targets
  • Basic Maintenance and lubrication
  • Fill up the production report with all the relevant information & update the traveller. Send the material for the next operation.
  • To carry out production & stoppage entry in the PPC system.
  • Maintain Quality and Cleanliness standards of incoming, in-process and out-going material
  • To carry out in process inspection as per ISO-9001 work instruction.
  • Follow the OHSAS statutory work instruction for health & safety aspect which includes safe material handling, safe machine operating, use of PPE,
  • Follow the EHS statutory work instruction for the protection of environment which covers saving of natural resources, prevention of land, air & water contamination, reduction of waste generation in all the operation.
  • Communicate with your shift engineer for any quarry/problem pertaining to production, quality, maintenance, safety, environment, etc.
  • Drive Continuous Improvements and development on a personal and operational level.
  • Adhere and follow TPM requirements and maintain highest level of 5S in your work area.
  • Material handling as per procedure.
  • Whenever require, you have to work at other station in the organization.
  • To follow instruction of your superiors.

  • Understanding Alleima core value
  • Quality system and manufacturing safety.
  • Operating skill of Pilger, heat treatment , straightening, Cutting & Deburring machine
  • Creativity, Flexibility and Teamwork.
  • Fire safety & First Aid training
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