28 Feb
Mehsana, Gujarat
Job category

Assembly/sub-assembly work of a machine: modules, electrics, hydraulics, cabin, etc.
Ocular inspection of the quality and validity of the delivered materials for the work (delivered by logistics operations).
Sub-assembly work consists of smaller entities; it is variable and repetitive.
Module assembly puts together entities from sub-assembly and other items.
Final assembly work starts by getting to know the details of the order: tailored production structure, basic machine structure, parts catalogue and options required.
Assembly work may take place either in bay or line assembly.
Final assembly puts together entities from sub-assembly, module assembly and other items.
Final assembly ends in initialization: liquids required, oils and fuels are fueled up, and platform, pressure switch and relief valve adjusted.
Any defects found are fixed.
Basic tools, tension indicators, people lift, bridge crane and other hoisting aid among others are utilized in assembly work.
Inspection record is written upon the assembly work, parts list and pictures required are uploaded from the Team center (or an equal system/database).
In case of shortage of parts or lacking quality, a report is enrolled in quality and/or respective database.
Assembly work requires co-operation with other stakeholders: engineering, buyers, pre-assembly, production supervision and quality control.